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Sex therapy

I offer short-term goal oriented sexual therapy and sexual counseling. I'm also available for presentations, workshops and consultation. I speak Finnish and English.


Individuals: 70 €/45 minutes or 90 €/60 minutes

Couples and polycules: 130 €/90 minutes


Send me a message to book an appointment

+358 50 3855811



I am currently accepting new clients.
Online on weekdays or face-to-face on Mondays and Thurdays 11-17 at Kara, Berlin 10559.



​Short-term goal oriented sexual therapy means that we meet for 5-20 times and collaborate to maximize wellbeing and minimize discomfort in your sexual and relationship life. You can come to therapy solo, partnered or with your polycule.

Sex therapy can help you with questions or problems related to, among others:

  • sexual functioning, desire, arousal and orgasm

  • understanding your sexual needs, desires and boundaries

  • past negative experiences and their impact

  • gender and/or sexual identity 

  • changes in your life situation or health and their impact on your sexuality

  • pain that affects your sexuality

  • relationship difficulties that are linked to sex and sexuality

  • sexual self confidence and body image 

  • sexual shame, guilt

  • sexual desires or actions that cause harm to yourself or others

Sexual therapy is mostly based on talking and talk-based exercises. There can be solo or partnered touch based exercises if it's relevant to your process, but not between the therapist and the client. Discussions are confidential.​

Couples therapy

I am studying to become a Gottman method couples therapist. The goal of the therapy is to increase friendship, create shared meaning and manage conflict.


The therapy starts with three assessment meetings, one together and two individual meetings, and answering questionnaires. Based on the information we have gathered, we will choose which aspects of your relationship we will work on. The therapy consists of interventions in which you will practice skills that increase intimacy and replace negative conflict patterns.

Friendly Conversation


Sexuality counseling is goal-oriented collaboration. We meet for 1-5 times to discuss matters related to sex and sexuality without starting a therapeutic process. You can come to counseling solo, partnered or with your polycule.


Counseling is aimed at you if you need:

  • to get more information about your sexuality or sex and sexuality in general

  • someone to talk about your sexuality without fear of judgement or stigma

  • advice on specific situations or questions

The topics we discuss can be the same as in sexual therapy. We can start a therapeutic process even after starting with counseling if you're unsure about how much support you will need.

Sexual counseling is mostly based on talking. I might suggest solo or partnered touch based exercises to do at home. There is no sexual touch between counselor and client. Discussions are always confidential


How does it work?

Send me a message to schedule on online or in-person first meeting. Let me know if you are looking therapy or counseling, and if you are coming solo or with a partner or partners. We will schedule a first appointment that will be 60 minutes (for the price of 45 min) if you are coming for individual therapy or counseling sessions, and 90 minutes for pairs and other constellations. After our first meeting we will both/all decide if we want and can continue working together.

You can decide the length and rhythm of the meetings once we have met. Most people choose to meet for 45 minutes every 2 weeks, but we can also work in intervals of meeting more often and then having a longer break, or meet at a different rhythm. Our conversations are confidential. You can either pay by bank transfer of cash. The cancelation fee is 50 % in case you cancel less than 24 hours before our meeting.

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