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Private lessons & sessions

I offer private lessons and bondage sessions online, in Berlin and as part of teaching trips to other parts of the world.  Feel free to contact me to see if I can meet your needs.​ I also have experience in consulting for film, don't hesitate to contact me for professional lessons and consulting.


Prices for private lessons and sessions are based on your socioeconomic (social and financial) situation and number of participants.

Private lessons range from 50-100 €/h, with the typical price being 200 €/max. 3 hours. 

Tying sessions range from 100-300 € with the typical price being 180 €/45 minutes session. 



Send me a message to book an appointment +358 50 3855 811


Private lessons

I am available for private teaching and professional consulting in bondage and impact play. The content of private classes is always based on your needs and wishes. Private lessons are usually 2-3 hours long.


Private lessons are a good way to get started and a great way to deepen your knowledge on tying if you're already more advanced. 


Topics around your personal growth and connection in BDSM are especially great for private learning. It's also a good opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about specific techniques around tying, anatomy, movement and BDSM dynamics.

Private lessons can include elements of sex therapy.


Bondage sessions

Get in touch with your feelings, emotions, body, and sexuality through rope bondage. The focus in bondage sessions is on sensations, desires, needs, bodies and connection. Sessions can include therapeutic elements and conversations when needed. Sessions can also include other forms of BDSM.

Rope bondage can be a good way to explore BDSM and kinky sexuality. It might also be helpful if you have trouble perceiving the outlines of your body, calming down or recognizing boundaries. Shibari self tying can work as a stimming and anxiety management tool or as part of solo sex practices.


How does it work? 


We will schedule a short (15-20 min) video call before deciding to work together if we haven't met each other before. We will talk about desires, boundaries, limitations and practical information.


The structure of the session includes pre-negotiation, 30-60 minutes of tying, and aftercare/processing. We will reserve 20-30 minutes for negotiation and processing in addition to the time reserved for the session. 


The tying can be done by me or as guided tying by your partner or by yourself (self tying). Sessions can include one or more people. Guided tying sessions are available also online.

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