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Ceci Ferox

Ceci Ferox is a sexologist, kink activist, and rope nerd from Helsinki, Finland. They have been organizing rope events and teaching shibari since 2014.


Ceci is a sex therapist and offer short-term goal oriented talk based therapy and counseling online and in Berlin. They also offer presentations and workshops on sex and sexuality.



Ceci teaches japanese rope bondage at Helsinki Shibari events and internationally from top, bottom and switch perspectives. They like to focus on elements of technique and communication rather than patterns and sequences. When teaching and organizing events, they draw on their expertise as a community educator to bring people together.

"My goal is to create safer spaces for people to communicate through rope."


Performances have always been a part of Ceci's rope practice - they were on stage even before (2012) having any intimate rope sessions. Ceci's tying is influenced by traditional Japanese styles as well as contemporary western organic and artistic tying.

"Rope for me is a medium for meditation, empowerment, intimacy, and sexy times. It is also about continuous learning and wonder. Performance is to make interactions visible, to stretch the bubble and move the audience, to give food for empathy."

Ceci fluctuates between hyper-technical and chaotic tying, but has a constant focus on connection and communication. Their tying is created in the moment, inspired by each situation and partner.



Whatsapp +358 50 3855811

Photo by Välke Unelma

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