Ceci Ferox



  • 2021 Sex therapist (Sexpo foundation)

  • 2018 Community educator, masters (Humak)

  • 2015 Sexuality counselor (Hyria education)

  • Sexuality courses/lectures attended: Seks2016 (shame) and Seks2018 (separation and intimacy) sexology conferences; HIV and STIs; foreskin; pain and sex positions; polyvagal theory.

  • 2016 Study trip to Tokyo with Barkas & Addie, private tuition with Osada Steve, classes with Nawashi Kanna and Kagura

  • 2013- Classes and/or private tuition with Hedwig, Barkas, Tifereth, Wildties, Gorgone and many more.

  • Other relevant education:

    • 2006 Media assistant, vocational qualification (incl. light & sound design, photo- & videography, graphic design)

    • 2015- Contemporary dance (incl. coreography, improvisation, Butoh), 1-2 weekly lessons & intensive workshops

Performance, teaching & organizing

Workshops, teaching and lectures

  • Helsinki Shibari 2015-, beginner courses, frictions and fundamentals (several workshops for different skill levels), the box tie, face rope, hip harness, futomomos, hishi patterns, hands free suspensions, freestyle & chaotic suspensions, selftying and self-suspension, group play, partial suspensions, impact play and rope, control

    • Helsinki Shibari Festival: teaching with Hedwig 2015, 2016

  • Hyria 2016-, lectures for sexology students on kink and BDSM

  • Karada house 2020-, Berlin: Grotesque lab online, Sexualities & Boundaries, Unwanted pain & sex, BDSM - identity or preference?

  • Learn Shibari 5/2021 online workshop on self tying as solo play

  • VoxBody 2/2021 online workshop on futomomo shibari

  • Queerope online shibari conference

    • 2020: the grotesque lab, upper body harness for many bodies, find your own bottoming journey

    • 2021: Creativity for Geeks, Head & mouth play

  • The other side of ropes 02/2020, Prague, teaching at weekend event for bottom education

  • Fairy Ropes, Paris

    • 2019 Mind & body with floZif

    • 2018 Frictions and fundamentals


    • XV Fall 2019 frictions and fundamentals, fucked up shit, consent, tying softer bodies

    • XIV Spring 2019, teaching a day of the absolute beginners course with floZif

    • X Spring 2017, bottoming for Hedwig

  • Wonderlust, Helsinki

    • 2019 Rituals for Play with Nana Quinncoon

    • 2018 Impact play with Afton and Nana Quinncoon

  • RopeLinked 2019, Rotterdam: frictions & fundamentals, body movement, self suspension, switching, nerves

  • Master class for small group 2019, Helsinki, course based on the needs of the participants

  • Taufabrikken 2018, Bergen (Norway), weekend intensive workshop and performance with Nana

  • Rsyke 2018, Tampere, teaching suspensions

  • Ropescape 2018, Spain, collaborative pop-up workshop on chaotic rope; bottom share

  • DIY tantra study circle 2018, Helsinki, connection through rope

  • Himo & Erotiikka sex fair 2017, Himos, control with rope with Nana

  • Regnbågsfestivalen pride festival 2017, Helsinki, workshop and performance with Hedwig

  • Ellipsis events 2017, Rotterdam, workshop and performance with Hedwig

  • Demo bottoming for Hedwig, Gestalta, Nicolas Yoroï, Tifereth, Billie Rose, Kristina Marlen



  • Baby Jane (film, in theatres 2019), shibari consultation



  • Karada House About Sexualities conference: solo rope & monologue performance about BDSM as identity

  • No stigma burlesque club 09/2020, solo performance on sexuality stigma

  • Queerope 2020 "Cut" performance with Gestalta

  • Club X Tangled rope party 02/2020, performance about resistance with Tina

  • The Attic Underground 02/2020, Helsinki, premiere for solo rope and spoken word performance on grotesque and ugly

  • RopeLinked 2019, Rotterdam: suspension, switching, self-suspension performance with Fittglitter

  • Lame tamer (amateur version) 2019 by Sari Palmgren, dance performance

  • Essi Tammimaa "Isän kädestä" book publishing 2018, shibari performance with Amy May

  • sExhibition 2018, performance with Theater of Filth, demo performances with Julius Elo

  • Janina Rajakangas, Neil Callaghan: Over Your Fucking Body - starting the piece with an audience 2018, test performance, assisting and dancing

  • Helsinki Shibari Festival 2018, performance with Nicolas Yoroï

  • Seks2017 sexology conference, Helsinki, performance & talk with Jere

  • Eva Kärki, thesis exhibition 2017, Kuvataideakatemia: experiential rope performance

  • Helsinki Shibari Show Night 2017, performance with Tifereth

  • EuroGames 2016, Helsinki, shibari performance with Amy

  • Shibari Camp 2016, Göteborg, group performance with the other teachers

  • SMFR 20 years party 2016, Helsinki, performance with Jere

  • Helsinki Shake It! Masquerade Macabre 2016, performance with Jere

  • Night of the arts 2014 Ilona Valkonen exhibition, Helsinki, performance

  • sExhibition 2013, Helsinki, performances with Mr. Vic

  • Sokerisamurai book publishing 2013, Helsinki, demo tying with Mr. Vic

  • Q-scene art exhibition (Qumma) 2013, Helsinki, performance with Mr. Vic

  • Several performances with Nana: Stockholm Pride 2017 & 2018, Taufabrikken (Bergen), SMFR party 2017 (Helsinki), sExhibition 2016, 2017

  • Several shibari performances with Hedwig: Regnbågsfestivalen 2017 (Helsinki), Helsinki Shibari Festival 2015, Stockholm Pride 2015, Viennese rope festival 2014, SMFR party 2014 (Helsinki)


  • Peer rope Helsinki 2015-

  • Helsinki Shibari community 2015-

  • Helsinki Shibari festival 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

  • Ropework 2017 & 2018, conference for rope educators, organizers and performers

  • Shibari workshops 2013- with Hedwig, Bergborg & Sansblague, Fittglitter & Neeka, Tifereth, Gorgone, Pedro Cordas & Sophia Rose, Cyrin Quantiques, Kristina Marlen, Gestalta, Ken Mai (butoh dancer)

  • FemF 2015, panel discussion on consent



  • 2015 Kinkytekopalkinto (the kinky action award) receiver of the year

Photo: 64shadesofhoernchen


Watch past workshops and performances in the Karada House Video Archive